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This is fine

Popular Meme

This is fine - Popular Meme

The "This is Fine" meme is an image of a cartoon dog sitting in a room that is on fire, saying the words "this is fine." The meme has become a popular way to express a feeling of resignation or acceptance in the face of a difficult or stressful situation.

The image was originally created by artist KC Green in 2013 as part of his webcomic "Gunshow." The comic strip shows the dog continuing to sit in the burning room, even as the fire grows more intense around him.

The meme gained widespread popularity in 2016, when it was widely shared on social media in response to a number of events that were seen as catastrophic or shocking, such as the Brexit vote and the U.S. presidential election. In these contexts, the "This is Fine" meme was often used to express a sense of disillusionment or helplessness in the face of events that were seen as beyond individual control.

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